Born on August 18, 1933, Roman Polanski (Rajmund Roman Thierry Polański) is a French-Polish film director, producer, writer and actor who rose to fame after his first feature-length film, Knife in the Water (1962), which was nominated for a United States Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. A turning point in his life took place in 1969, when his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, and four friends were brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family.

In 1977, Polanski was arrested and charged with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl named Samantha Geimer. He subsequently pled guilty to the charge of statutory rape. He was released from prison after serving 42 days, and as part of an apparent plea bargain, was to be put on probation. When he learned that the judge had changed his mind and planned to reject the plea bargain, he fled to Paris before sentencing.

He recently became center of attraction when he was accused of molesting Marianne Barnard, an artist from Santa Barbara, California, when she was 10 years old after photographing her when she was naked. For more information, read the article below.
Roman Polanski

Before Fame: Polanski’s first feature-length film, Knife in the Water (1962), was made in Poland and was nominated for a United States Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Family/ Relationships

Roman Polanski Parents/Religion/Holocaust Survivor

Born in Paris, France, he was the son of Bula and Ryszard Polanksi. Polański’s parents were both agnostics. He and his father are holocaust survivers.

Roman Polanski Wife/Married

His first wife, Barbara Lass was a Polish actress who also starred in Polanski’s 1959 When Angels Fall. The couple married in 1959 and divorced in 1961.

On 20 January 1968, Polanski married Sharon Tate in London. On August 1969, while Polanski was in Europe working on a film, Tate was murdered along with four of their friends at their home in Los Angeles by members of Charles Manson’s “family,” a group of young, gullible, and mostly female followers. Tate was pregnant at the time of her murder.

In 1989, Polanski married French actress Emmanuelle Seigner, who is 33 years younger than him. They have two children, daughter Morgane and son Elvis. Contact him on twitter for more information.

Profile / Wiki / Information

Personal Information

  • Full Name: Rajmund Roman Thierry Polanski
  • Nicknames: Roman Polanski, Romek
  • Birthday: 18 August 1933
  • Age: 84 years old
  • Birthplace: Paris, France
  • Current Residence: France
  • Education: Not Available
  • Profession: Film director, producer, writer, actor
  • Nationality: French-Polish
  • Ethnicity/Race: White
  • Religion:  Jewish (however, he says that he’s an athiehst)
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Spouse/Wife: Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass (m. 1959; div. 1962),
    Sharon Tate (m. 1968; (her death) 1969),
    Emmanuelle Seigner (m. 1989)
  • Children: 2
  • Net Worth: $45 million USD


  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
  • Weight: Not Available
  • Feet Size: Not Available
  • Dress Size: Not Available

Trivia/ Facts that you probably didn’t know

  • He has not returned to the United States since 1978.
  • Convicted of sodomy and statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl after plea bargaining, Polanski served time in prison in California, but prison officials released him sooner than the judge’s original sentence had intended.
  • The judge then sought to have Polanski brought to court again for further sentencing. Rather than do so, Polanski fled to Europe to avoid and escape a second arrest and incarceration.
  • In 1969, while Polanski was out of town on business, his wife, actress Sharon Tate, was brutally murdered by members of Charles Manson’s cult family, though Manson only ordered the killing and was not present during the murders.
  • Roman and his father are Holocaust survivors.
  • He won the Best Director Oscar in 2003 for The Pianist (2002) at the age of 69 years and 7 months, making him, at that time, the oldest person to win the award.
  • He was offered the chance to direct King Kong (1976) but turned it down.
  • His favorite films include: Odd Man Out (1947), Hamlet (1948), Citizen Kane (1941) and 8½ (1963).

Memorable Quotes:

Normal love isn’t interesting. I assure you that it’s incredibly boring.

My films are the expression of momentary desires. I follow my instincts, but in a disciplined way.

In Paris, one is always reminded of being a foreigner. If you park your car wrong, it is not the fact that it’s on the sidewalk that matters, but the fact that you speak with an accent.