Trump just became the President-elect: Anti Trump Protests?


In the historic US presidential election of 2016, despite the odds, Donald Trump has emerged victorious. While nationwide poll results have not come out yet, Donald Trump has got the 270 electoral votes that he needs and has become the next president of the United States.

Putin congratulates Donald Trump. They may have roles in Wikileaks

Donald Trump has been congratulated by many world leaders including Vladimir Putin, who sent a telegram. According to The Guardian:

Alexei Venediktov, the editor in chief of Russia’s liberal Echo of Moscow radio, said some in the Kremlin are probably celebrating now, but other “more serious” people will realise there are unpredictable times ahead.

“Putin doesn’t like unpredictability and Trump is the definition of unpredictability,” he said. “They celebrated Brexit, and then Boris Johnson became foreign secretary, and they thought, ‘Oh God, what is this?’”

Venediktov said in Syria and Ukraine, two key areas where Russia and the US are at loggerheads, there might be little difference between Trump and Clinton in the White House. “What will be really interesting is the Baltics. Will Trump remove troops from there?”

At a morning reception his residence in Moscow held as Trump edged ever closer to the White House, US ambassador to Russia John Tefft reminded visitors that diplomats are unable to give personal opinions on elections. He added: “Whether you’re happy or not, one of the key things here is to understand that our institutions in America will continue.”

Privately, however, many US diplomats in the country will be wondering whether a President Trump means a total reversal on Russia policy. Tefft’s predecessor in the role, Michael McFaul, wrote on Twitter: “Putin intervened in our elections and succeeded.”

Anti-Trump Protests in California and New York

Meanwhile, protest against Trump have started in democratic leaning states like California and New York. There have been protests in UCLA in California and in Columbia University in New York.

There were some controversies down the road when Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Nevada in a case of early voting but the judge ruled it out.

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