How to move to Canada? End of the world? America’s Brexit?

Will he Make America Great Again?


So you all know- Donald Trump is the president elect of the United states in the 2016 presidential election. Then there’s the case of senate and the house. Republicans control all three branches of the government now and anything they come up with will be passed by the president.

How to move to Canada?

Now, most of us took this as a joke when Trudeau welcomed us to Canada if Trump won. We dismissed it as a joke. No more. So if you’re trying to know how to move to Canada, go to their official immigration website. Tough luck, it’s down now.

Is it the end of the world? Will President Trump destroy America?

Umm, not likely. Nixon was probably the most scandalous president and he passed EPA, OSHA and likewise. In a way, he did great things. The same goes with Bill Clinton. Despite having so many scandals surrounding him, it was probably the most prosperous presidency term in quite a while. So, NO. President Trump will not destroy America. If he keeps up with the populist agenda and brings more jobs and ends the Wall Street government, maybe just maybe (and I’m spitballin’ here), he could Make America Great Again!