Monica Lewinsky: Everything to Know. Infamous Scandal Involving the Clintons.

Who was the woman that still haunts the Clintons?


If you’re closely following the 2016 Presidential Election Campaigns, You are well familiar with the name Monica Lewinsky. If you were there during Bill Clinton’s presidency, the name is even more familiar. Monica Lewinsky, the woman who single-handed brought about impeachment for the president. Maybe not single-handed, both were probably using their hands, to do what they were doing. Hehe.

So, Who is Monica Lewinsky? Bio, Height, Wiki.

monica lewinsky blue dress. bill clinton affair.Monica Lewinsky: Quick Facts
Birth 23rd July, 1973
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Religion Jewish
Weight  77 kgs
Married No
Net Worth $ 500,000

Monica Lewinsky was an intern in the White House in 1995 and 1996, during the presidency of Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s husband. She was born in the 23rd July 1973 in San Francisco, California as Monica Samille Lewinsky. Her father Bernard was an oncologist and her mother Marcia was an author. As a teen, Lewinsky’s parents divorced which took a toll on her ad later she went to Sinai Akiba Academy then to Beverly Hills High School. She was also in Santa Monica College. Guess what, Lewinsky had an affair with her high school drama instructor, Andy Bleiler, who was married. Obviously, she had a type. Then after her psychology degree, Lewinsky got internship in the White House in 1995.

Monica Lewinsky White House Scandal

If you were wondering why I mentioned both hands, yup, the President and Lewinsky were in an affair, in the White House, in the Oval Office, right under Hillary Clinton’s nose. Yup, definitely her type. From the phone recordings by her co-worker Linda Tripp, it was known that she and Bill had fornicated in the Oval Office 9 times between 1995 to 1997. Monica must have been in a ‘trip’ to reveal all that in a phone conversation to Tripp. Pun intended! Well, that came to bite her in the behind later.

The Clintons were already in trouble after the Whitewater incident and the White House Files Scandal. Yup, scandals never leave the Clinton’s side. It was files with Bill and now it’s the emails with Hillary. I guess some things never change. And Lewinsky added to that. And then the news broke in 1998 after evidences being submitted to the investigators. You think something else was going to break? No, Bill was smart. Probably used some form of protection. See, Be like Bill. No, don’t. You know what? F*** Bill! Oh Wait, she did!

Then came a downward spiral for both Bill and Lewinsky. Ever heard of Bill’s famous line,”I did not have sexual relations with that woman – Miss Lewinsky”. Even if you did not have a chance to hear that or see that, just watch the video. And oh boy, Bill was lying in TV to the American People. Politicians man, right? Maybe that’s why Trump is here. Then again, Trump right? That’ll be a joke.

It wasn’t quite over after that. The investigators got hand of a blue dress that had Bill’s semen stain on it. That was the end. But Bill still lied. To add to that, Lewinsky confirmed that Bill had done some things to her. Okay, inserted a cigar tube to her, you know where. That’s some weird stuff Bill.

Then came hard times for Clintons and Lewinsky. The Clintons had to survive an impeachment and Lewinsky’s name was tainted.

monica lewinsky blue dress. bill clinton affair.
Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. Monica in the “blue dress”

Monica Lewinsky: After Monicagate, Life, Bullying, TV

Monica Lewinsky appeared in SNL in 1999 and started to enjoy the fame. Crafting a line of accessories with the company The Real Monica. She appeared in shows such as Monica’s Postcards and HBO’s Monica in Black and White. She then decided to quit it all and went to London School of Economics to study Social Psychology. In 2014, she appeared in National Geographic Channel and also Forbes Magazine to tell about her scandalous life and bullying that occurs with it. She even gave a TED speech in 2015 to talk about her affairs and talk about her regrets, her difficulties and cyber bullies. She now acts as an activist against cyber bullying.

Watch her TED talk here.

Monica Lewinsky: Marriage, Net Worth and Earning

Lewinsky’s affair took a toll on her personal life as well. She has not married yet due to the after effect of the sandal. Her TV appearances and handbags made her some money ¬†but her net worth is around USD 500,000 as of now.

I know it is easy to pass on judgement on the mistakes of others and I used humor to make this article. But, (yeah there’s a big but) let her past be her past. And, Mr. Trump (who is no stranger to the world of adultery), please don’t bring back Monica to the limelight. Take the high ground, if you will.