Lauren Gardner: The Beautiful Sports anchor is dating someone. Is she married yet?

Is she married with her baseball player boyfriend?


Lauren Gardner ProfileWith her captivating beauty and her alluring presentation style, it’s no wonder that Lauren Gardner is a sought after sportscaster. Born on 6th November 1985 in the state of Colorado in the United States, Gardner studied political science in the University of Colorado and started her career in Mountain West Sports Network and then moved on to Fox College Sports, Altitude Sports and Entertainment, KCNC-TV and currently in CBS Network. She made quite a bit of earnings and help mass a certain net worth throughout her career. The 30 year old sportscaster and host also hosted Lingerie Football League games on MTV2With her beautiful appearance, she did justice to the show.

Is Lauren Gardner dating? Who is her boyfriend?

Such a fabulous presenter, she has to have a Mr. Perfect by her side, right? Folks take no time in spreading rumors about a beautiful lady’s sexual orientation and calling her a lesbian. But, a glance into her personal life shows that she is enjoying her love life with a hunk, Sam LeCure. Yup, the baseball player Sam LeCure. They probably met on a game that Lauren was covering.

So, she makes clear that the duo are in love. You must be thinking it’s pretty vague. I call bull right? Well, just go to her Twitter profile and you’ll see that the two are in a serious relationship. The profile cover is literally the duo enjoying.


Caption: Lauren Gardner dancing with her boyfriend Sam LeCure

Is Lauren Gardner married to her boyfriend?

So now that you believe me, let’s talk her married life, OK? You’re clearly shocked. Yeah, I was kidding, she’s not married. The couple wants to take some time maybe, but there’s a likely chance that you’ll hear about a marriage soon, or at least an engagement. Maybe they are already engaged or married and it’s all a secret. Oh, I am grasping at straws here. My head hurts from all this imagination. If you want to see her marriage photos, you need her Instagram right? Unfortunately, you can still try but the account is private. Believe me, I checked.

I did tell you that she was in the Lingerie Football League games right? Just look at her killer body folks. I love that but my mentor, Homer would still prefer glazed doughnuts over that bod. Okay, deviating from topic.

Lauren Gardner earnings and net worth in 2016

So what does this pretty and talented miss earn you say? I don’t know. There’s literally no evidence of her net worth or her earnings anywhere. So, if anybody provides you a figure of her net worth, take it with a grain of salt. (Unless, they work in IRS and they audited her of course).

Well, there you go folks, she’s taken. That doesn’t make her any less desirable though. Just lookout for Lauren Gardner on the next baseball game. To contact Lauren or to email or to get her phone number, visit her website.