The Hot Chaiwala that trended in Twitter: Who is he really?

Blue Eyed tea seller lands a modeling contract!


Some days earlier, a hot Pakistani chaiwala with deep blue eyes trended in Twitter with hashtag #ChaiWala. Many international portals covered about the guy and the chaiwala became an Internet sensation. It was BoneZone some days earlier and now it’s the Chaiwala.

When a local photographer Jiah Ali posted this photo on her Instagram, the post went viral and it even started trending on Twitter. It started to trend in Pakistan and soon went cross border to India and then when Buzzfeed picked up the story, it went international.

Jiah had taken two photos earlier but in the few seconds when he looked at her directly, the magic happened and the blue-eyed chaiwala became the newest crush of the Internet.

So who exactly is the Blue-eyed Chaiwala?

The tea seller’s name is Arshad Khan and he works at Peshawar Chowk in Islamabad, Pakistan (or, where he worked. He’s got a modeling contract, but more about that in a while).

There have been some contradictions regarding his age though. Some sources say that he is 18 years of age but NDTV in its post mentioned that Arshad had been staying in Islamabad for the past 25 years. But according to multiple sources, he is just 18 years old.

Prior to selling tea, Arshad sold fruits  for living and selling tea was a recent endeavor. He had been living in Islamabad but he is originally from Mardan and with a big family having 17 siblings, he was working hard. Finally, his luck’s changed for good.

What’s he going to do after fame?

Of course he’s not going to sell tea. He was actually unaware of his social media popularity and still selling tea at the same place when media and the original photographer met him later. Still shy, Arshad said that many girls had wanted to take selfies with him. He even said that he resembled Shah Rukh Khan.

Now he’s landed a modeling contract and going to hit it big time. has posted in its Facebook about the modeling contract and Tribune Pakistan has also posted about it.

Chaiwala Arshad Khan Model
Arshad #chaiwala as a model

He’s even being called Pakistan’s “nuclear weapon”. Amidst of all this tension between the two countries Pakistan and India, Arshad has definitely become one theme to bond over.