David Buckel

David Buckel (1957-April 14, 2018) was an LGBT rights lawyer and an environmental activist who was a senior counsel and marriage project director at Lambda Legal. He died on April 14, 2018, by self-immolation as a protest against the use of fossil fuels. For more information, read the article below.

 David Buckel

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He was a senior counsel and marriage project director at Lambda Legal, the American organization that focuses on LGBT communities.

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David Buckel Death:

Prominent gay rights lawyer and environmental advocate died by burning himself to death in New York on Saturday, reportedly using fossil fuel in a protest against ecological destruction. The charred remains of 60-year-old David Buckel were found by passers-by in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Police said he was pronounced dead at about 6.30am.

The New York Times said it received an emailed copy of the note, which said: “Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result – my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

“Buckel left a suicide note in a shopping cart near his body that said he hoped his death was “honorable” and “might serve others”. In the note, Buckel said “I just killed myself by fire as a protest suicide”, the News reported.” The Daily News.

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Personal Information

  • Full Name: David Stroh Buckel
  • Nicknames: David
  • Birthday: 1957
  • Age: 60 (at the time of death)
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • Education: Cornell Law School
  • Profession: Lawyer
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity/Race: White
  • Religion:  Not Available
  • Zodiac: Not Available
  • Spouse/Wife: Not Available
  • Children: Not Available
  • Net Worth: Not Available


  • Height: Not Available
  • Weight: Not Available

Trivia/ Facts that you probably didn’t know

  • He was a prominent gay rights attorney.
  • He died after setting himself on fire in Prospect Park in Brooklyn early Saturday morning and leaving a note exhorting people to lead less selfish lives as a way to protect the planet.
  • The remains of the lawyer were found near Prospect Park West in a field near baseball diamonds and the main loop used by joggers and bikers.
  • He graduated from Cornell Law School.

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