Watch the Latest Trump Hillary Debate! They actually become friends!!!


So we’re familiar with the SNL presidential debates now. And Alec Baldwin’s flawless Trump portrayal is widely admired by everyone. Except Trump. He said that Baldwin’s impression of himself was inaccurate. But who cares? That was funny and interesting as hell. You know what else was interesting? The real debates. I actually think that the real presidential debates were more interesting than the SNL debates but I have to give it to Alec Baldwin, for being able to get under Mr. Trump’s skin. But you don’t need a show for that – a tweet would have been sufficient.

So there they were, Trump and Hillary on the stage debating each other and pointing fingers at each other. The whole debate is focused on Hillary’s emails. But the host fails to see Trump in bed with the FBI, KKK and Putin. Trump repeatedly repeats that he does not any of these (Trump actually that he doesn’t know Putin and KKK, the flipping KKK).

SNL subtly pushed a pro-Hillary vibe there but oh, well – all in the name of comic relief. It gets so wild that the candidates break character and go out to stop the hate and share the love.

In the end, again, a subtle nudge to vote for Hillary. But hey, who can blame SNL. You gotta go where the BeyHive is!

Watch the debate!