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Who is Shiva Safai Hadid?

Model and Entrepreneur Shiva Hadid is the fiancée of real estate developer Mohamed Hadid. Her fiancée Mohamed Hadid is currently 67 years old and marrying Shiva in few months. He has two daughters Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid.Before fame, Shiva was raised in Norway, and moved to LA, California at the age of 19. She met Mohamed while dining at a Beverly Hills restaurant.

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Career / Awards: She has been a guest on the reality program The Real Housewives.

Shiva Safai Family/ Siblings

Born on 26 August, 1980, Shiva was born in Iran. She moved from Iran to United States at the age of 19 with her family.

Is Shiva Safai married? Husband Mohammaed Hadid?

She is the fiancé of Mohamed Hadid. She is soon going to become the third wife of Mohamed Hadid. Mohamed Hadid is a real estate developer who is 67 years old. He is mainly known for building hotels and luxury buildings in United States. He has two daughter: Alana Hadid and Marielle Hadid.

Personal Biography / Details                      

Full Name: Shiva Safai
August 26, 1980
Current Residence:
United States
Model, Entreprenuer
Indo-European (Aryan)
Boyfriend: Mohamed Hadid
Net Worth:

Size and Measurements Wiki

Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
122 lbs
Feet Size:
Dress Size:
Shoe Size:
Chest Size:
Bra Size/ Breast Size:
34 C
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

10 Trivia/ Facts that you probably didn’t know

  • Shiva came to United States from Iran at the age of 19.
  • Shiva has 450k fans on Instagram.
  • She loves to party with friends.
  • She will soon be the third of Mohamed Hadid.
  • She has good relation with Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.




  1. Race: Arabian? Last time I checked Iran is not related to Saudi Arabia and Iranians’ race is Indo-European (Aryan); please learn your geography before making unintelligent statements.

      • Since we know that everybody is descended from Africans, and many many people moved around to different countries and intermarried it is quite archaic to even try to pin someone down to one “race”. Race is a very inaccurate human devised classification system that was popular during colonial and slave times to justify the terrible treatment of people who looked slightly different from the ruling group. It would be better to completely do away with this inaccurate way of classifying people.

        • Every form of classification cannot be seen in the same perspective. We completely understand where you’re coming from and completely agree to that. But, unless we are truly termed as “WORLD CITIZENS” without such forms of racial identifications, this will go on. It is our duty to ensure that discrimination does not occur based on such constructs. 🙂

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