Nancy Putkoski Divorced Anthony “Tony” Bourdain, After 20 Years of Marriage. Guess What? Bourdain’s divorced for the second time.


If you know about the chef Anthony Bourdain, you probably want to know about Bourdain’s family and relationship and the like, you know, the things that anyone with spare time wants to know. So, you’re in the right place. We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about his wives (now ex), Nancy Putkoski and Ottavia Busia today, shall we?

Nancy Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain: High School Sweethearts to Divorce

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I wish people had healthy relationships where everybody is happy together for eternity. But life’s no fairy tale folks. Sooner or later, those cracks are bound to happen in a relationship. This is what happened to Nancy Putkoski and her husband Tony Bourdain, an acclaimed chef and a TV celebrity.

The couple were dating since high school and were lovers. That love transpired into marriage in 1986 and the world was about to be a happier place for the couple. It did, for almost two decades, until the crack that I mentioned earlier, drifted them into a full-blown divorce that happened in 2005.

When asked about his wife and the relationship, Bourdain said:

Nancy and I spent over two decades together, either as a couple or married. She was my partner in crime, my wife, and before that my girlfriend.

Anthony Bourdain Drug Addiction After Divorce

Anyone could see that Bourdain was sad to talk about that. Bourdain blames his book Kitchen Confidential and TV show that happened after that for the rift. Kitchen Confidential had been published in 2000 and his TV show A Cook’s Tour took a toll on him and the relationship went to ruins. Bourdain, as a defense mechanism, was into┬ádrug addiction and was addicted to heroin and all other sort of drugs. That didn’t help either.

Nancy Putkoski New Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height, Age

Nancy Putkoski has been off the limelight for quite a while and her relationship status, her net worth, or her information is not shared with anyone. We know that there was a settlement after the divorce but it was undisclosed. So there’s no way of knowing her net worth. Even Nancy’s age, current boyfriends, height, weight are not known. Nancy only came to a brief news when TMZ published photos of Bourdain and people alleged Nancy of leaking those photos.

Anthony Bourdain Marriage with Olivia Busia and Divorce

After a while of suffering and battling drug addiction, Bourdain was back into the dating ocean and found another love, Ottavia Bourdain/Busia, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Ottavia Busia was running a New York restaurant at the time and they fell in love and married in 2007, April 20. They welcomed their beautiful daughter, Ariane Bourdain, in the same year in 2007, which was in fact before their marriage (11 days before to be precise).

Anthony Bourdain Wife Ottavia and daughter
Chef Anthony Bourdain dining with his family

Guess what, the crack was again to appear. This time in the new couple’s lives. Bourdain had to travel for his work “Parts Unknown” and this took a toll on their relationship. Bourdain even took MMA classes to help the relationship but that didn’t work. It is reported that they recently split upp.

The duo seem to be close even after the divorce. When Anthony Bourdain won the Creative Arts Emmy Award in 2016, Ottavia Busia congratulated him via Instagram.

There have been widespread allegation as to why Bourdain’s marriages didn’t last. One statement made by the Top Chef contestant, John Tesar can give us an insight as to why.

Bourdain himself admitted to such lifestyle and attributed that to his exposure to women in Vassar College in New York. Maybe that and his drug abuse are the reasons. But, Bourdain seriously wants to change for the sake of his daughter and his ex wives Nancy and Ottavia who he says, are friendly with him now.