Birthday 10 September, 1982
Age (2016) 34 years old
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 50 kgs
Profession Ballerina
Net Worth $500,000
Married To Olu Evans

A famous ballerina or a dancer in simple terms, feisty Misty Copeland was born in September 10th, 1982 in the the state of Missouri, Unites States of America. A ballet prodigy, Copeland is currently dancing for the American Ballet Theatre, and has been promoted to being a Principal Dancer.

Misty Copeland Short Biography / Family / Mother

Graduating from San Perdro High School, Copeland did not start the course of ballet, unlike other ballet prodigies. Until the age of 13, she did not have any ballet classes.

Copeland had filed for emancipation from her mother in 1998 and her mother filed for restraining orders. Under the custody of her mother and her ballet teachers, she was able to get into ABT and then make out a career for herself.

Her father’s name is Doug Copeland and mother’s name is Sylvia DelaCerna. The couple filed for divorce in 1994.

Relationships? Boyfriend?

Misty Copeland had been dating Olu Evans for 10 years and she married him in 2016.

misty copeland husband
Misty Copeland with her husband

Body Issues? Copeland struggling with weight

She is as stunning as a woman can get but like all people, she had her own insecurities. While she was 21 years old and working with ABT, she fell into a routine of eating junk foods and her weight increased.  A piece on Self presents this quote from Copeland:

With a glass of wine in one hand and the phone in the other, I ordered my usual: a dozen glazed doughnuts from my local Krispy Kreme. Once they arrived, I sat on my couch, turned on Sex and the City and ate them all straight from the box. They tasted so good, and while I was eating them, the sugary richness made me feel comforted and cared for. The next morning, I woke up guilty and ashamed, but a few nights later I felt so miserable that I did it all over again.

In the world of ballerinas, that haunted her. Her injury also added to that problem. But after meeting several people and Olu, her boyfriend at the time, she felt confident with her body image and accepted it. That made her a role model for other aspiring ballerinas.

How tall is Misty Copeland? Is she short?

Misty Copeland is 5 feet 2 inches or 157 centimeters, and that makes her a tad bit short in comparison with others but her raw energy, personality and skills more than make up for that height. And her curves are a whole another story. So if you’re interested in her body measurements, weight, and the like, read on.

Misty Copeland Body Measurements (36-25-36)

Height:  5 feet 2 inches
110 pounds
Feet Size:
6.5 US
Dress Size:
4 US
Shoe Size:
6.5 US
Bra Size/ Breast / Cup Size:
Body Type:
Atheletic / Hourglass
Hair Color:
Eye Color: